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My name is Kristy and I’m the sole proprietor here, working my tail off to spin the orders that I’m always so grateful to receive.

As a small business owner, entrepreneur and nurse I can tell you that I never have much down time, but what I do have is a level of satisfaction and a passion for what I get to do for work.

I started doing pottery in August of 2019, when I took a single lesson with Tony Clennell. I was hooked and by the next day I rushed off to the the pottery supply house in Oakville and invested in a wheel, kiln, clay, glazes and all the tools I needed to get me started.

I spent the next few months working away to teach myself how to throw, trim, fire the kiln and glaze. It was no small feat to overcome.

I now look back with zero regrets on taking that small leap of faith of investing in myself and following my path to happiness.

The confidence that I’ve gained in creating something from nothing has inspired me to keep moving forward and expanding my skills and knowledge in this field. I’m so grateful to all the people along the way that I’ve met because of my hobby turned “jobby” and I am so excited to see where this adventure is taking me.

So thank you to all my customers, mentors, teachers, small business organizations, friends, and family for the encouragement and guidance over the last few years. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to raise a small business!

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I love hearing from my customers. Let me know if any questions about your order or about pottery in general!

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