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I offer several glaze options including drip mugs to specialty glazes and more. Look below to see the write up on each glaze option and learn more about my process. Check back often as I am always creating – you just never know what I will come up with next!


Amethyst Melt

A dark purple to lavender ombré drip.

Bubble Gum Melt

A lavender to pink ombré drip.

Eureka Blue Drip

A mystic blue to turquoise drip. 

Rainbow Unicorn Drip

The best of all the drip colours magically melded together to create a Rainbow. The only thing missing is the pot of gold.

White Lace Finish

Pink Satin

Soft pink with a satin white lace finish.

Lavender Lace

Lavender purple with a satin white lace finish.

Satin Merlot

A deep merlot purple with a satin white lace finish.


Toasted With Pink

Matte white with brown speckling exterior and a pink interior.

Toasted With Purple

Matte white with brown speckling with a lavender interior.

Toasted With Turquoise

Matte white with brown speckling with a turquoise interior.

Toasted With Avocado

Matte white with brown speckling with an avocado green interior.


Speckled Pink

Pink with iron flecks.

Speckled Purple

Purple with iron flecks.

Speckled Turquoise

Turquoise with iron flecks.

Speckled White

Matte white with iron flecks.

Clear Glaze

Speckled Clay

This clear glaze shows the true butter cream colour of the clay highlighting the iron flecks in the clay body.

Dark Granite

Dark granite with clear glaze is a sleek look that highlights the true beauty of the grey clay.

Black Clay

This clay shows as a chocolate brown and darkens with the clear glaze.

Marbled Clay

This glaze offers a unique layered colour sequence with a rustic vibe.

Black Clay

Black Clay with cranberry

This true red colour looks fabulous on the black clay especially popular during the fall months.

Black Clay With Turquoise

One of my personal favourites the turquoise contrasts perfectly with the darker clay body and the clay shows through on the edges giving the mug some added character.

Black Clay With Avocado

The brown clay with the avocado gives this mug a 1970’s refrigerator feel.

Black Clay With Blue Moon Glaze

A dark blue glaze deepens in colour on this beautiful clay body.

Specialty Glazes

Joker Mug

Avocado interior and purple exterior.

Cotton Candy

This lavender and pink glaze is sure to make you hungry for cotton Candy.

Mossy Blue

A blue green mixture adds depth to the glaze.

Ocean Tides

A combo of blue and purple with a bit of magic mixed in gives this mug the colour of a crashing wave.

Purple Haze

All the best of the purple glazes giving this glaze a psychedelic feel.

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Now that you are familiar with my glaze options, let your imagination run wild as you search through my products. You’ll notice most products have customizable options including glazes! Each product is unique making the perfect gift option or center piece in your home. 

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