Pottery wheel and mugs

How My Pottery Career Began

Pottery wheel and mugsMy first pottery lesson was a couple of years ago at Pinecraft Pottery with the always entertaining Tony Clennell.  Tony told a story of how he made his decision to pursue pottery and it definitely resonated with me.

The following day I went to The Pottery Supply House and met Brendan who helped guide me with my wheel and kiln purchase and has pointed me in the right direction time and time again. Thanks to all the hard-working people at PSH!!

I decided it was likely a good idea to further some of my skills, so I signed up for a series of classes at The London Clay Art Centre with the amazing Angela of Zenfire Pottery in St.Mary’s. Angela and I have become great friends and she is always answering my questions.

A few months into my new hobby I had pottery piling up so I decided I would try and sell it. I gave the business a name, made a Facebook page and the rest is history.

I have literally met so many great potters that have become wonderful friends along the way and although it would be impossible to mention them all.  Thank you all for your tips and tricks, but more importantly thank you for all the encouragement and support these last few years!

Pottery is more than a hobby turned jobby for me, it’s my passion and is now becoming a way of life.

My biggest thank you goes out to all the small businesses and small business supporters out there! You all know who you are! It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to raise a small business.


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